In Every Season, I Will Trust You”

— From A to Z

I Just Need A Rainbow To Remind Me That Your Promises Are True. It Seems I Have Forgotten That You're The One Who Makes All Things New”

— From A to Z


The turning point in American History

We feel the tug on our freedoms. We see the death count. We watch our government authorities give money, while our pastors take money. We see, we hear, but we do not understand.

America will never be the same as…

Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Bold. 

We have chosen to start 2020 off with a bold declaration: "Lord, have your way." 


2019, for many of us, was establishing our understanding of who The Lord really is. As we approach the New Year, we know…

Seasons: The Waiting

Can you believe that 2019 is ending? This year for us has been a phenomenal year - we've explored, traveled and lived in a few different places during different times of the year. Thank you to all of our friends…