Zach & April Gaddis

Well, April and Zach Gaddis, based on the name alias. They're a young (kinda) married couple that seeks to love others well.  The topics that they write about in their music are heavy agendas that challenge the Status Quo. Born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, From A to Z has hit amazing strides of growth - musically, personally, relationally and culturally. 

The genre is Singer/Songwriter. April has a history of creating acoustic melodies that tug on the hearts of injustice, racism and inequality; all wrapped up in a Folk style bow.  Zach has a deep rooted Gospel history (not because he's black. Sheesh..) with a long stream of Rhythm and Blues integrated into his vocal tone. Together, they are From A to Z

The music From A to Z writes and the melodies they choose all play a crucial role in who they are and what they believe. Success looks a lot different for them than other artists. "Our focus is not on singing and playing in the biggest stadiums. Instead, we pursue the small, intimate settings", said Zach. 

Zach and April both had solo careers as independent music artists, but when they got married in July of 2013, they began their joined venture. Zach led an R&B career, singing and opening for Grammy award winning artist Lecrea and working with Stellar award winning artist Da T.R.U.T.H., while April led a Contemporary Christian/Vocal career. Zach and April both are the singer/songwriters for the group with Zach also leading the duo on the electric/acoustic guitar. Their songs vary from a stripped down acoustic sound to pop/electronic production. With diversity as a main factor, From A to Z is sure to bring a new sound and style to the music stage.





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