The turning point in American History

We feel the tug on our freedoms. We see the death count. We watch our government authorities give money, while our pastors take money. We see, we hear, but we do not understand.

America will never be the same as it was when this season passes. Should it be? As I search the Scriptures for wisdom, I'm overtaken by the many seasons we see Gods people walk through. King David's 40 year reign was full of blood and war. During the forty years that Solomon reigned, there was peace and unity throughout his vast domain. In the span of 80 years, ancient Israel saw 2 completely different seasons (I'd like to be in the latter... just saying). 

Americans have lived comfortably for well over 40 years, and I thank The Lord for every moment. But if we look past ourselves, we see the spiritual drought within the rest of humanity. The church has been asleep for many, many years - lacking Living Water. We have transitioned from serving Christ into serving a priest. Roman Catholicism has infiltrated itself into protestant and evangelical churches. It's time for a shift. An Awakening is taking place as we speak! 

Are you prepared? What have you been taught the past 10 years?

The teaching of the 1st Century Church was focused on Christs RETURN. 

My prayer is that:

  • No longer will false doctrine be allowed to infiltrate The Church
  • The Church will awaken 
  • The Truth of Christ will reign 
  • You, Lord, would prepare us for the next Season


Friends, stay safe, encouraged, and confident in Jesus! 





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