An Honest Letter From Zach (Updated)


These past few months, I have woken up to the sound of funeral music in my head. Things have not gone the way I expected. Routes have changed, job titles, new faces, different finances, etc. I've chosen to be miserable. 

Did you read that? I've CHOSEN to be miserable. 

No one is forcing me to react/respond the way that I have lately. Depression has not been the issue. Selfishness has. Expectancy became my friend, and when my expectations weren't met, offense made its home in my heart... Have you felt this too? Taking offense sucks, by the way.  

The other day, while crying in my wife's arms, I decided to let go of everything I thought I knew, and live with a grateful attitude. After all, what is there to be miserable about? My soul is saved, my inner man is being sanctified, and I'm on a highway to Heaven through the blood of Christ.  


Why have I been so broken? Below is a list of reasons for my misery. Maybe you can relate? 


1. Dreams and Prophetic words from years ago have not come to pass 
2. Opportunities consistently "fall through"  
3. Living in a mindset of "what the heck am I doing with my life?" 
4. New lifestyle, new rules, new faces 
5. Lack of consistency  


I hope my vulnerable heart propels you, today, to make a choice to be thankful. Remove your eyes off of yourself and take a good look at your family, friends, and coworkers. There's SO MUCH to be thankful for.  

I thank The Lord for people like you who are battling for joy right alongside me. Many of you reading this are completely miserable - living life with high expectancy and zero results. I've been there, but now I'm on the other side seeking to pull you out. 


Take some time to jot down 1 thing that you're thankful for today. Leave a reply, and I'll be sure to ask The Lord, on your behalf, for more joy and thankfulness moving forward. 



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