Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Bold. 

We have chosen to start 2020 off with a bold declaration: "Lord, have your way." 


2019, for many of us, was establishing our understanding of who The Lord really is. As we approach the New Year, we know Him and we can trust that He is good; therefore, we joyfully declare "Have Your Way"! 

Friends, we've created a Lyric Video to one of our songs that we hope inspires, encourages, and spurs you on toward full surrender. We hope that you have the faith to experience the freedom that we are in today. Like the birds of the air, confidently flying with no fear of what to eat, drink, or wear (Matt. 6:26). 

Because God is the Potter, and we are the Clay, what, then, can the Clay say to the Potter? (Romans 9:21

Let's boldly declare together this year.


Click HERE for the Lyric Video. Please share with everyone you know, to encourage them as well! 


-From A to Z

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