The true meaning of "C.A.P.S."

From A to Z has taken a ton of L's this year

Most of you know the recent battles we've been faced with - a tragic death, a sudden job shift, rapid movement, renewing, etc... What we're learning through this season is the actual importance of Perseverance. Zach has wanted to throw in the towel for a few months now. 

You know the feeling. You're probably there right now. Those words: Enough is Enough

Someone recently told us during a small group, that "life is made up of daily habits". We had heard that before, but in this new season, it made so much sense. Fast forward a few weeks later. We were in the process of producing and writing for the C.A.P.S. Vol 2 album with our good friend C.J. Let's stop there for a moment and reflect: The Lord has ways of placing you right where you need to be, exactly when you need to be. 

Carry on -

After the Production of C.A.P.S. Vol 2 came the Writing. After the Writing came the Audio Editing (what we musicians call Mastering). Throughout the creation process, we sent C.J. the first bundle of master mixes - that is - 7 fully mixed songs. It didn't sound good. Each master mix took Zach around 2 hours per song. Calculating the math, it ended up being about 14 hours of time for 1 bundle of mixes. We sent C.J. master mix bundle 2. It didn't sound good. We sent C.J. master mix bundle 3. It didn't sound good. We sent C.J. master mix bundle 4. It didn't sound good. Guess what happened after master mix bundle 5? It sounded worse than the others. 

Zach, at this moment, was severely tired from literally spending 6 hours a day, AFTER WORK, in the music studio. After the 12th bundle, Zach decided to call C.J. and let him know that he failed... With tears, fatigue, and frustration, he sat on the couch staring blankly out of our window. 

It was in that moment that we understood the meaning C.A.P.S. This whole time we thought we were making a "Children's Album". We wanted to produce dope beats and write catchy hooks. Instead, the songs were speaking to our adult souls. 

We would LOVE to tell you that we went on to mix and master 1 more bundle, and then Paul Mccartney heard it and flew us out to London, gave us a bonus check of $100k, and signed us to a record deal - but that didn't happen. We would LOVE to tell you something miraculous happened during these multiple failed attempts - but that didn't happen.

What actually happened was this: We put one foot in front of the other and began to walk. 

That's the meaning of Perseverance. You keep going. You keep failing. You keep TRYING. Regardless of the outcome, you fight until things shift in your life. Guys, nothing has changed externally. I look the same, and I miraculously weigh the same (lol). The change is internal. We now know that strength comes from realizing you're weak, and actually getting up and doing something about it. That's where real change begins. I hope that you don't merely listen to the album. Now that you have back story, we hope the music speaks to you on a level that produces change, encouragement, and strength - both for you and your children. Persevere, friends!


We'll leave you with one last thing: Go grab that C.A.P.S. Vol 2 album today :)

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