The truth about Music is ...

As we settle into this new season, a few songs of old has helped to sustain us - songs like "It is Well". Music like that exemplifies a foundation that's rooted in hope. Interestingly enough, you have songs that's considered your "go-to" in times of difficulty, sorrow, and hurt, too. Maybe you know it and maybe you don't. There's subtle truths about the art of music that we will miss if e don't stop and smell the roses. That's the wrong metaphor for this topic, sorry. 

Music has a pristine way of subconsciously drawing out things within the listener. That's why when you hear a certain song, your head begins to bob and your shoulders relax. All of a sudden, at 50 years old, you're as limber as you were at age 20. Crazy how that happens.

Music also has the ability to heal. We legit want to be in the Music Therapy business because of this reason. There's no greater feeling than watching an Alzheimer's patient spring back to reality as they recall a song from childhood. Take a look within and remember the days that you found joy in a song that you forgot was on your iPod. 

Music also has a unique way of bringing humanity together. Whether you're fluent in Honduran or you have Native Indian blood, you still move to the rhythm when that beat drops. Smiles begin to form on the faces of the broken. Arms begin to flail on the bodies of the hungry. Tears begin to fall on the chins of the sorrowful. Dang those are good lyrics. 

The truth about music is that it reaches far beyond what the mind can fathom. Music travels the distance that no man could ever travel. Today, you've had your Music Appreciation class. Congratulations :) 

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