Today is the Day!

As we begin this new adventure, there's a lot that's conspired over the past 3 weeks. Things that have changed us, challenged us and grown us! These things make us who we are and have given us the ability to pursue what we love. 

We've been challenged with a task that seems nearly impossible to do in 2018, but we've decided to be faithful to this word.. The word was to "not use social media to promote this album." How ridiculous does that sound? It doesn't make sense and it's extremely difficult. The world is saturated with Social Media followers, instastories and Facebook Live streams. 

Before Social Media, artist sold albums, books gigs and traveled all the time. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and quite frankly if you love something, you'll tell others about what you love. We hope that you love this album. :) 

- From A to Z

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