We're changing season, and here's what happened....

You may have heard that we've changed seasons. In fact, the shift happened quite a few months back. If you haven't, then, surprise! Our journey is a road that hasn't been traveled on for years. It's intimidating, frustrating, and impossible in our current culture. 

The season change has been a slow process for the past 6 months. We've abandoned Social Media, because we felt a calling from The Lord. He told us not to promote ourselves on a social media platform; that HE was going to promote us in His timing. This season change has been rough for us, because that's all our culture knows; instagram followers, retweets and FB Likes. if you don't have those then you're irrelevant. 

In our battle for obedience, we've given up the idea that we can do things better than The Lord can. With that being said, since the album came out on November 22nd, we've gotten more gigs, prophetic Words and travel itineraries than we have all year.  It's a daily faith walk, and it's the best seasonal change that could've happened. 6 months ago we had nothing. No more online fan base. Just us, a Word and a heart to obey. 

We hope that this encourages you to take whatever step you feel afraid to take; a job change, a difficult conversation that could change someones life, a disciplinary action for a friend, a diet plan, etc. Whatever it is, just take it. A wise man once told us that the "destination is the journey." Take that for what it's worth, and apply it to your life with confidence! 

- From A to Z

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