What the heck are you talking about?

One of the easiest things to do, when facing discomfort, is to remove ourselves. Not many will choose to endure pain of any sort - unless, of course, you’re Dwayne Johnson.  

What we’ve come to realize is that our seasons of un-comfort were, 9 times out of 10, NOT for us. We were enduring for someone else. Even more so, it was for a later time. Of course, we learned for ourselves in those moments, but we battled for the well being of our brothers & sisters.  

The Pre Chorus - Verse 2 of “Seasons” goes:  

“I gotta stay where I belong. So my roots can grow deep & strong. To shelter those without a home. For their next season.”  

This may shock some of you that’s reading this. Our teaching today is self help, self lifting, and self-ish. What we rarely hear is:  

“Those chosen to be used by The Lord must learn to endure suffering.” Modern day teachers skip over the long suffering fruit and go straight to candy.  

Friend, we love not for ourselves, but for each other. We endure not for ourselves, but for others. We sacrifice not for ourselves but for others. Christ tells us in John 13 that “the world will know me by your love for one another.”  

As you listen to the song, imagine it as a 4 part painting:  

1. Lord, I know there’s a purpose  - a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3) 
2. Lord, help me to let go of MY purpose - my season and reason for everything (John 3) 
3. Lord, help me not to resist YOUR purpose - Your season and reasoning for everything (Proverbs 3) 
4. Lord, Your purpose is best for the rest - You are a God of lasting generations (Genesis 17)

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