#Yes I Can -Single has been Released TODAY!


Over the last few months, we've been working behind the scenes w/ one of our great friends "C.J. Luckey". He approached us with the idea of impacting kids (K-5th Grade) across the globe. 

Of course, we prayed about it, and realized that it lined up with what we had discussed a few years back! CJ has been traveling across the U.S. for the past 2 years, holding concerts, teaching youth "The Growth Mindset". The motto is to Celebrate All Persevering Students. C.A.P.S., for short. 

He's entrusted us to not only produce the songs on the album, but write choruses and Mix/Master the records. Needless to say, the From A to Z studio has grown tremendously since we've last talked! 

Things have shifted for us during this season. We've learned a lot, faced difficult decisions, and have overcome obstacles in the road in a little under 2 years. The other side looks sweet - and it's only the backyard we get a view of ;) 

We cannot share the release date of the C.A.P.S. Vol 2 album, but we CAN share the new single that has been released today! 

Most importantly, please share this with your children. Let them soak in the message as they sway their bodies to the rhythm! 



  • Scott bjerke
    Scott bjerke Kingfisher
    Love it!!!

    Love it!!!

  • Tammy Matthews
    Tammy Matthews Kingfisher
    It’s fabulous, but I expect nothing less from you two?!!

    It’s fabulous, but I expect nothing less from you two?!!

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