1. Better
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It seems the more time flies by I’m just going through the motions;
Going through the motions of life.
I watch the world pass me by.
I see the same thing, but I don’t do a thing;
To make a difference, to make a change.
Only living for my gain.

But I can do better, whoa. I can do better, yea. (2x)

You see the way times are now, everybody’s looking;
Everybody’s looking for more.
More of nothing worth fighting for.
You play the same game in the same ring;
Until you’re knocked out and wondering
What did I do to deserve this pain?

But you can do better, whoa. You can do better, yea. (2x)

It’s a cold cold world we’re living in.
It’s a fight for the finish.
So focused on the outside,
Can’t see what’s on the inside.
Oh, an eye for an eye a heart for a heart.
Who’s gonna win and who’s gonna fall apart?

We can do better, whoa. We can do better, yea. (2x)
I can do better. You can do better. We can do better. Better together.